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We Are

Business Increase Solutions is a full service training and consulting organization that focuses on measurable results for your company. Clients using the BIS System have seen results that are far above their initial expectations. ROE (return on expectations) has replaced the talk of ROI (return on investment) in organizations that work with BIS. Results that come from employees′ ideas are producing a far greater return than if management had talked until they were blue in the face about saving money to their employees.

Organizations are full of assets, some that you can see on a daily basis and other that you might not ever see. These assets are broken into two groups: tangible and intangible.The tangible is easy to understand, but the intangible in most organizations is grossly underdeveloped. This happens because people are put into jobs, never asked to grow or to make improvements to how the job is done. They become complacent as a result, and just fit into the system, try not to make waves, and collect their paychecks each week.

Business Increase Solutions helps organizations develop assets that will return the investment over and over. It is far better than putting money in the bank.

Tim Tupper, CEO

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Tim Tupper has 25 years of consulting and training experience. He has worked with over 150 major clients in various industries. He is a published author, as well as authoring all his own training materials tailored to the specific client and their needs for his company Business Increase Solutions, Inc., fondly called BIS.

His expertise is fact-based decision making at all levels. He has concentrated on educating employees at all levels, the advantages of decision making using facts instead of gut-feel. His leadership classes focus on the process of clearly identifying tangible and intangible assets, and how to enhance the return on both. All of his teachings focus on the process of returning measureable results that last.

Some of Tupper’s clients have been with him for 15 years or more. When clients work with Tupper they get enhancements that will be there for years to come. Ideas become reality and improvements are made with amazing results that are effective. Clients enjoy the training because Tupper’s training materials are fun and interactive.

If you want results that are measureable and sustainable, then Tupper & his company, BIS, is your answer.

Timothy N. Daley, PhD
Senior V.P, of IT Design

image name Dr. Daley is known in the professional business, educational, mental health community as "DOC TIM”. He received his BS. from Western Michigan University, a Masters Degree form Oakland University, and his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1981.

He is an expert in the field of addictions for 27 years and past co-owner of a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment institute, called People Builders Inc. which he sold in 2004. Dr. Daley has maintained a private practice in Palm Harbor, Florida since January of 1982. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist, court appointed custody evaluator believing that “child advocacy” is the key to objective custody evaluations with expertise in writing parenting and time sharing plans tailored to the children’s needs as well as home study evaluations and specializes in child and adolescent depression, anxiety and PTSD related to broken families.

He also is CEO and Chairman of the Board of an IT on-line consulting interest called Data Mapping & Imaging, LLC located on the web at www.edatamap.com. His proprietary IT protocols measure, peak performer profiles, vocational aptitude for success in the marketplace, and are nationally validated for verification of statistical reliability.

Dr. Daley is popular throughout the US, as a consultant/trainer and conference and keynote speaker for fortune 500 companies such as Raymond James & Associates, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, A.C. Neilson, and Florida Progress.

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